Anonymous asked: "Do you make all those little numbered buffy things?"

Every single one of them, yeah… Of course, you guys do the hardest part, that is submit your favorite Buffy things (Although there’s a couple of my own, obviously), and i just, put the caps together :)

Anonymous asked: "The multitude of BDSM themed jokes/innuendos on both Buffy and Angel"

Wooooo! This is PURE GOLD! Hahahahaha!

I remember a couple of them, but c’mon, I got to make one hell of a post out of this one. Can you guys help list all/most of them, please? Thank You! :P

Anonymous asked: "The show's obsession with syphilis?"


Anonymous asked: "The brief father-son bond that Spike and Giles share in Tabula Rasa."

Well, i have something like that Here, and maybe Here

Anonymous asked: "Giles' uncontrollable laughter when Buffy reveals that she has been sleeping Spike."