So i got a couple of requests about Buffy & Supernatural. I don’t know if it works, but i have something Here!

(If it was more specific what you guys wanted/submitted, please let me know)


justanothercinemaniac asked: "I just finished the fifth season of "Angel" in a week and finished "Buffy" two or three weeks ago and I loved it both. And now I'm just scrolling through your blog and I'm smiling at all of it (and crying at the super sad stuff). This is awesome!"

Thank you very much!

And that reminds me, Gotta do a rewatch… like right Now!



Jonathan’s “magic bone”


Got that one Right Here! :)

Anonymous asked: "Spike and puppet!Angel fight"

Here and Here! :)

ty-lee-weasley asked: "That Dark Willow and Vampire Willow both say "bored now""

Maybe This and This? :)