samtoweringoverdean asked: "Could you do one of Willow interrogating Johnathan in Go fish and Earshot if its not already done!? Thanks :)"

Well, i have this one

whaddup-shawty asked: "Is there a LBT of the slow motion Xander and Harmony fight in 4x07? Looove this blog btw!!!"

Right Here!, And thank you very much! :)

Anonymous asked: "Hey, I saw you were a Buffy blog. Have you checked out the paranormal comedy web series 'Spooked'? Its 3rd episode guest stars Tom Lenk (Andrew Wells of BTVS!) You can check it out on Hulu or Geek and Sundry's Youtube channel :)"

No, i had no idea! But I’ll check it for sure. Thanks a lot! :)

ajuneofrubies asked: "do you guys have a twitter account or know of any buffy twitter accounts?"

No, no twitter account yet.. Sorry! :(

If any of you guys know any, please let us all know! :)

musingsandstardust asked: "I swear, Willow and Spike are my brotp. They just keep winding up in these awkwardly close moments and it's adorable, especially when he's sad about Dru (lover's walk) and when he has "performance issues" (the initiative). I feel like these moments speak to the heart of each of them, that Spike still has some humanity and that Willow is a bleeding heart for people in pain. I'm gushing, I just super love them."

The scene in "The Initative" between Spike and Willow is pure gold! haha :)

sniluminous asked: "is there already one for Dead Man's Party, Giles: 'do you like my mask? isn't it pretty? it raises the dead!... Americans'"